How To Clean Your Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer

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How To Clean Your Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer

How To Clean Your Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer

Is your electronic cigarette not working as well as it once did? Maybe the flavor isn’t coming through, no matter what combination of wattage and voltage you’re using. Is it not producing nearly as much vapor as it should? Before you run out and replace your entire e-cig mod, have you considered that it could be your clearomizer? Have you cleaned it recently?

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know that you can and should clean your clearomizer to maintain proper function and experience for your electronic cigarette. After steady use, your clearomizer can get clogged with slime and juice preventing your vaporizer from properly working. Cleaning your clearomizer is actually quite simple and can save you hundreds of dollars at a time by avoiding electronic cigarette replacement.

Here’s a step by step guide to cleaning your clearomizer:

Before cleaning:

Before you get into cleaning, you want to remove any excess juice inside.

Depending on your model, you want to open the top or bottom of the clearomizer just as if you were going to refill it with liquid.
Fill up the tank about halfway full wil tepid water.
Cover the opening and shake rapidly.
After a few seconds, dump the water out. You’ll probably notice the discoloration in the water.
Repeat this a few more times until the water that you dump out is completely clear.
Note: If you are cleaning out your clearomizer because the flavor is off, consider cleaning the tank with a little bit of lemon juice. This will neutralize the flavor combinations that are build up in the clearomizer.

How To Clean Your Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer

Drying your tank:

Before moving on the cleaning the coils, make sure your tank is completely dry. You can blow into the tank, or allow it to air dry. Some people don’t want to wait for the tank to air dry, but that will allow the next step to go buy more quickly.

Cleaning the coils:

The coils of your vaping device naturally get dirty with juice buildup. There are a few different methods of cleaning them, but a favorite method is the dry burn.

How To Clean Your Electronic Cigarette ClearomizerDry burning, though it sounds difficult is extremely easy. You’re doing exactly what the name suggests, burning the coil without any juice
If your tank is still wet from the previous step, this could take a little longer. Fire your device a few times at 2 second intervals. You’ll probably see some vapor coming out, which is the built up juice. You can blow this out of the way.
Caution: Do not blow directly into the coil. This could cause it to break.
Keep doing this until the coils are burning bright orange. This is how you know the buildup is gone.

Cleaning your customizer can prolong the life for a good amount of time. If you start having to clean it more frequently, you may have to replace it. However, if you steadily clean out your device on a regular basis you will prevent having to replace it so quickly.

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